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When to play after aerification.

Every golf course needs to do the necessary evil......aerify!!  Phone calls are constant during the Spring but really.....after the greens are done is really OK to play.  They actually roll faster because of the sand......at least at Lederach anyway.  I will say however that once the Read More

When the NBA Meets the PGA

The Ellie Mae Classic is right around the corner, and the golf world is clamoring to get tickets and offer their two cents on who will come out with the illustrious win. OK – that’s not exactly true, in fact, many people even within the golf industry probably haven’t even heard of the Ellie Mae Read More

Summer Heat Cramping Your Golf Game?

With the official start of Summer underway, we are experiencing record breaking temperatures. Summer heat can be wonderful when you’re laying out on the beach or taking a dip in the pool, but while you are on the golf course, it can hinder your swing. Instead of fantasizing about a swim in a cool Read More

The Best Time to Practice

If you are a beginner and looking for the BEST time to practice... well... it's most likely not on the weekend in the morning... that is for sure. Late in the afternoon is great, any day really.  When you do find the time you simply need to understand that if another player comes up from Read More

When Should You Play Golf?

Hello everyone!  I know everyone wants to start playing golf with the weather finally changing and the summer is here, so now is a good time to review when you should be playing! If you are beginner, we would love to see you play our course, and we want to make sure you choose the right time Read More

The World's Largest Golf Outing

Every year, American veterans return home from around the globe to re-assimilate into society. This transition is usually a difficult one, often made even more challenging by debilitating injuries suffered while serving. The World’s Largest Golf Outing has made it their mission to help Read More

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