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The World's Largest Golf Outing

Every year, American veterans return home from around the globe to re-assimilate into society. This transition is usually a difficult one, often made even more challenging by debilitating injuries suffered while serving. The World’s Largest Golf Outing has made it their mission to help Read More

How Frost Can Kill

Frost can kill a course - really!  When the course opens later and later during the winter months.....there is a reason.  When it is so cold at night and it freezes the top of the golf course, we cannot open until the frost burns off because the blades of grass will break off.  So, Read More

What is Wicking on a golf course?

Just a little FYI today.  When you play a course and see yellow or brown on a teeing area or green and the rest of the area looks "great" it could be caused by wicking.  Newer golf courses, like Lederach, have sand based greens and tees with a barrier holding the sand area in place. Read More

Black Frost

With the time of season it seems like everywhere you go there is a frost delay.  Lederach is in the same category.  When the temperature is below freezing even though it looks like there is no frost.....guess what....there is!!  According to Stuart Hartman, Golf Course Read More

Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to the 2015 Lederach Leader Blog. My name is Dan Washleski and well.......hopefully the time is coming to play golf and not just wonder when the bad weather will be gone!  It's pretty close to time now and be prepared for a great season with the Masters just a few weeks away!! Read More

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