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When Should You Play Golf?

Hello everyone!  I know everyone wants to start playing golf with the weather finally changing and the summer is here, so now is a good time to review when you should be playing! If you are beginner, we would love to see you play our course, and we want to make sure you choose the right time to play. The best times to play for beginners are late in the afternoons on both weekdays and weekends. This way, you won't feel rushed by more advanced golfers and you can take your time and practice a little more on the golf course!

Be sure to contact the golf shop to see if there are any afternoon leagues, but we will be happy to help you learn this great game at a time that is beneficial to you getting better! The same goes for the weekends, where you can head out after 5PM and have some fun instead of feeling pushed. Thanks and we hope to see you soon!

Dan Washleski, PGA GM